Steering controller, steering wheel, pedals, bucket seats, monitor, personal computer are not included. Only the main body .
(If you would like a set of PC, controller, etc., please contact us individually from here . We will quote)

To commemorate the launch of the new model, we will carry out the following campaign.

period From December 1, 2021 to the end of December 2021
Target Those who have reserved ACSIM-MINI 2 within the period
Contents ・ Those who make a reservation for 2-axis type
Get a FANATEC CSLDD Boost Kit (8Nm) and FANATEC ClubSport Pedals V3 as a gift or a coupon worth 100,000 yen that can be used for future upgrades etc.
・ Those who have reserved the motionless type
FANATEC CSLDD (5Nm) will be presented or a coupon worth 50,000 yen that can be used for future upgrades will be presented.
* Please let us know your desired campaign item (controller or coupon) at the time of booking.
* The campaign may be terminated when the planned number is reached.
* Customers who make a reservation by wire transfer are eligible for payment by the end of December.
* Due to unstable delivery time of CSLDD, it may be delivered later than the product.
* Customers who select a coupon will receive a coupon code when the product is shipped.
* Coupons can only be used once for purchases above the coupon price at our WEB SHOP.
* Products will be shipped in the order of reservation from the end of January 2022.

This product needs to be assembled by the customer.

・ From no motion to a maximum of 8 axes, from those without a cylinder to 8 axes as an option.

Handle controller, pedal
Compatible with FANATEC, G29, T300, T500, TGT.

-Equipped with an 8-axis controller An 8-axis controller is attached to all grades equipped with motion.
 There is no need to replace the controller when adding cylinders .

-Adjustment function Although the method of loosening and adjusting the bolt has not changed, the method of adjusting the steering position and the FANATEC shifter position have been improved.

・ Square pipe structure specially designed

Adopting a square pipe frame specially designed for MINI2, we are also focusing on design.

A reinforced frame is available as an option. The shifter mounting and the rigidity of the housing itself can be strengthened.

In order to realize a realistic driving feeling, we have realized the "rear slide" that we are most particular about and the motion during acceleration and deceleration on two axes.

You can enjoy linear driving while feeling the amount of lateral slide of the rear tires.
  • Slide forward with two cylinders. It expresses the deceleration G during braking. Brake control is possible while feeling the force when braking.
  • During cornering, the situation of skidding of the rear tire is expressed by rotating the seat. Accelerator control is possible while feeling the grip of the current tire.
  • Steering controller, steering wheel, pedals, bucket seats, monitor, personal computer are not included.
  • Installation of the shifter is premised on installation made by FANATEC. If you use a product from another manufacturer, please devise it yourself.
  • This product has a KIT and a finished product that require assembly by the customer.
  • A hex wrench is required for assembly.
  • Our staff will deliver the finished product. Kits will be sold by courier.
This product will be shipped after the end of January 2022, and it will take about one month after ordering.
This item is made to order and cannot be returned or canceled.
If you purchase the kit, we will send it by courier.
If it is already assembled, it will be delivered by our staff
Depending on the region, delivery and installation adjustment costs of 100,000 to 300,000 will be charged.