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ACSIM-MINI2 4-axis upgrade

ACSIM-MINI2 4-axis upgrade

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It is a 4-axis additional kit for MINI2.

For 2-axis ⇒ 6-axis, select No controller.
If you want to upgrade the axis from no axis, please order with a controller.

Attach it to the bottom of the main unit.
The cylinder has a 50mm stroke and expresses a maximum tilt of 50mm in the left, right, front and back.
By experiencing this roll pitch, you will be able to experience the condition of the vehicle more.
It is effective for grasping load transfer and practicing.

The housing itself is heavy when the Hankon etc. is attached.
Assembling can be done with only 4 screws, but since it is necessary to lift the main body and insert it underneath, I think that two or more people will be required.

* This system expresses the roll and pitch of the car body, and is not intended to experience G due to tilt.

February 1, 2022 The product schedule is as follows.

Reservation period from February to February 28, 2022 From March 2022 to regular sales Ships sequentially from April 2022

Delivery time is one month after receiving an order.
Shipping to customers is scheduled to begin in early April.

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