ACSIM-PRO-SC07 レンタル申し込み

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ACSIM-PRO-SC07 Rental Application
Photo shows PRO pedals but this product is equipped with FANATEC V3 pedals

Steering controller, steering wheel, shifter, computer, monitor
are not included.
FANATEC V3 pedals and bucket seats are included.

This is for the first rental. (This is part of the first year's rental fee)
1. Once we receive your order for this item, we will start manufacturing the product.
We will contact you when we have a shipping date. 3.
3. Since this product requires installation and adjustment by our staff, we will contact you at
to discuss the delivery date. 4.
4. You must order the "PRO-SC07 Rental Agreement"
at least 3 days prior to the determined delivery date. (The contract is for monthly payment.) 5.

5.Once the order for "PRO-SC07 Rental Agreement" is confirmed by our company, we will deliver the equipment on the
scheduled delivery date.
We will deliver the equipment on the scheduled date.

A valid credit card is required for the "SC07 Rental Agreement".
The first payment can be made by bank transfer.
Installation and adjustment fee is not included in the initial payment.


The regular purchase price of 2,772,000 yen (3-year purchase price) is available as a rental.
  • Send-Back Guarantee + Replacement Parts Service
    We will promptly provide parts in the unlikely event of a failure during the contract period.
  • Parts with minor updates or countermeasure parts will be provided free of charge during the contract period.
  • The minimum contract period is one year and can be terminated at any time after the second year.
  • Purchase is possible at any time. 1
  • When a new model is released, we will provide parts for transition to the new model. (A separate fee is required.)*1

Set Contents

Name Manufacturer Model Remarks
Main unit ACCESS ACSIM-PRO-SC07 Normal price 2,420,000 yen
OPTION ACCESS Reinforcement plate for FANATEC DD1,DD2,CSLDD Normal price ¥33,000
Maintenance ACCESS Machine Maintenance Normal price ¥110,000 (1 year)
Maintenance ACCESS Replacement Shipment Service Regular price: ¥33,000 (1 year)

Plan Partial installment for the first year
1st year

At the time of order ¥900,596 +
Installation and adjustment fee (by delivery address)

48,114 JPY (monthly) after the product is ready

2nd year onwards 48,114 yen (monthly)
After 4 years 24,200 Yen (Monthly)

1 This is an example of purchase and new model transfer fee.
Number of contracts Purchase price New model transfer fee
12 1,037,267 yen
293,887 yen
24 1,037,267 ¥293,887 24
36 530,913 ¥178,412 36
36 $72,600

This simulator is designed for circuit driving practice.

In order to convey road surface and behavior information more accurately to the driver,
we developed this simulator by first improving the rigidity of the chassis and optimizing the driving position

We have succeeded in improving the reproducibility of circuit driving, which is driving at the limit.

For more information about the product, please click here.

This simulator is available for long-term rental.

This product takes approximately 1.5 to 2 months for delivery.
It cannot be cancelled during the first year.