ACSIM-PRO-Sx03 3-axis simulator

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training racing simulator

*The photo shows the 7-axis model. The cylinder with four legs is not installed.

PRO series

Simulator for circuit driving practice. In order to more accurately convey road surface information and behavior information to the driver, this series improves the reproducibility of circuit driving, which is the limit of driving, by improving the housing rigidity and optimizing the driving position.

Frame adjustment function

The adjustment range has been greatly expanded so that the driving position of the vehicle used (box car, formula car, etc.) can be reproduced .

steering position adjustment
・Up/down, forward/backward and tilt adjustment is possible without tools by adopting a clamp lever.

seat position adjustment
・Changed the seat fixing stay to the long hole specification. The angle can be adjusted steplessly.
・The height of the seat frame is reduced, and the angle can be adjusted closer to the formula.

Equipped with a newly developed pedal (SA series only)

It is also possible to adjust the pedal placement and pedaling force, and you can adjust the settings to match your actual vehicle.
accelerator pedal spring type
Front/rear/left/right position adjustment Stroke adjustment

Brake pedal spring + reinforced rubber type
Front and rear left and right position adjustment Preload adjustment Formula specification rubber included
Clutch pedal link mechanism Spring type Reproduce the feeling of the actual vehicle
Front/rear/left/right position adjustment

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