ACCESS DEEP ACCESS  「アクセスレーシングシミュレータの魅力を深掘り」~モーションその2

ACCESS DEEP ACCESS “Deeply digging into the appeal of the access racing simulator” ~ Motion 2

What Access is particular about when developing cylinder control is identifying information from logger data. The logger data is data that shows driving conditions in chronological order, such as the car's G, cornering line, braking strength, etc., and cylinder movement is also added to this data. Compare experience and data, find areas for improvement, and program them. After these iterations, we analyze the logs and fine-tune all the settings.

Among the hundreds of thousands of data obtained from the simulator, which one is the best combination? In a sense, the accumulation of detailed work to investigate from every angle and how we can get closer to realistic driving is like pursuing a world without answers. The accuracy of the reproduction will change depending on how you combine the installation angle and position of each. Actually ride and drive various cars. Additionally, we heard from professional racing drivers. We accumulate and analyze data through steady, repeated work, and continue to develop with the aim of always creating the best products.

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