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Company name: Access Inc. ACCESS INC

Address: 1-13-48 Mokage, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima 735-0029

TEL / FAX: TEL 082-508-1141 FAX 082-508-1142

Established: March 1989

Capital: 10 million yen

Business: Development of various software and hardware Automatic measuring instrument manufacturing and sales Measurement agency Simulator event rental Staff dispatch


For access, we sell simulators and rent them at events.

If you are at home, you can easily improve your driving skills, practice courses that you have never run, experience simulated machines that you can not ride normally, try overseas courses that you can not easily go to, etc. can do.

Until now, the existence of a racing simulator, which was thought to be a little far away.

The prices were all out of reach.

Moreover, there were many voices saying that the movement was different from the reality.

It was developed to create something that is more realistic, closer, and more useful.

It is the world's first 7-axis cylinder control racing simulator for access!

One cylinder for each of the front, back, left and right. This allows you to experience the slope of the course and the rolls on the left and right.

And on the back of the seat, there is one cylinder on each side that allows you to experience acceleration / deceleration and lateral G.

And the 7th axis is a cylinder attached to the bottom of the seat. This represents the rear slide.

With these seven cylinders, what you could only see the movement of the vehicle from the screen until now will let the driver's body know the movement while driving.

This also reduced simulator sickness, and by moving everything at the same time, it became possible to drive in a form close to the actual vehicle.

We have continued to develop these products while receiving opinions from professional drivers.

We will continue to develop more and more.

With a simulator, you won't have to worry about breaking or getting injured if you go off course and hit a car while practicing. There is no running cost because neither fuel nor tires are reduced. You can drive on the circuit even before you license the circuit. On any rainy day, you can drive in the best conditions on a sunny day in the simulator.

I would like as many people as possible to know and experience the racing simulator. And I hope it will be useful for your motorsport life.

Event announcements will also be made through Facebook, so please come and experience it when you have time!

If you are considering introducing the system, please contact us in advance and experience the simulator in-house.

It's a big goal, but people who have improved their skills with this simulator want to ride in a real car! I hope that as many people as possible will go to the circuit and help spread Japanese motorsports as much as possible.

Inquiries are accepted on our website or by phone.

Please feel free to contact us