Subscription policy

Subscription policy

The Subscription Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are the subscription services provided by Access Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") on this website (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). It defines the terms of use of). Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users") are required to use this service in accordance with this agreement.

Article 1 (general rules)

This service is a service that allows users to use products in a regular billing format.

Article 2 (subscription to this service)

The user shall be able to subscribe to any of the subscription services specified by the Company. Unless the suspension of use of this service is approved or the service is canceled by the end of the contract period, it will be automatically renewed with the same contents.
The minimum contract period is the period specified by each service.
By subscribing to each service specified by the Company, the user will be charged a monthly usage fee according to each service and can use the product according to each service.
Underage users should sign the contract with the consent of a legal representative (parents, guardians, etc.). In addition, when the purchase is confirmed, the legal agent agrees to this agreement and it is considered that the purchase of the minor user has been accepted.

Article 3 (Monthly fee payment amount, payment period, payment method for this service)

The user pays the monthly usage fee described in each service every month during the contract of this service.
The payment date will be the date of the contract, and payment will be made on the same day thereafter.

Article 4 (Products of this service)

We will notify the user when the product content is changed as necessary (design, support for new controllers, countermeasure products). The user can obtain the changed parts free of charge at the user's will.

Article 5 (Conclusion of contract)

The user registers and inputs the customer's personal information and personal information according to the usage method prescribed on this site, we confirm the payment of the initial fee, and when the order completion email sent from us arrives, the user of this service The contract is signed.
By applying for this service, it is considered that the user understands and agrees to the contents of this agreement.

Article 6 (Delivery of goods)

The product will be delivered to the address registered by the user as the delivery address.
We will deliver it so that it arrives on the day of the meeting with the user in advance after the user's payment is completed.
After the goods arrive, the user shall promptly check that the goods that arrived are not damaged or soiled, or that they are not different from the products for which they have applied. If there is any damage or difference, the user will not use the product and will notify us by e-mail within 7 days from the arrival date with a photo showing the status of the product as a substitute. It shall be exchanged. If the notification is not given within 7 days, it is considered that the product has been damaged due to the user's negligence from the time of the arrival date of the product, or that the delivery of the product has been completed on the date of arrival of the product.

Article 7 (Cancellation Cancellation)

If you wish to cancel this service, we will contact you by email or phone. However, it is required that the period specified individually has passed from the time of the first payment of the subscribed service.
In addition, we will pick up the product at the end of the contract. By deciding the pick-up date, you agree to the cancellation. The cost of picking up the product shall be included in the monthly amount.
If the user wishes to purchase the product, it can be purchased regardless of the minimum contract period. In that case, the cost will be the amount specified for each product.

Article 8 (Warranty)

In the event of a failure, we will contact you with a video, photo, etc. that shows the failure status.
If we determine that the product is out of order, we will promptly ship a replacement to the user. In that case, we will bear the shipping cost.
Upon arrival of the replacement, the user shall promptly replace it and return the defective part to us by cash on delivery.

Article 9 (New Product Warranty)

We sell new products as needed.
When a new product is released, the user is notified, and the user can purchase the parts (including all cases) of the changed part to the new product at the user's will for a predetermined amount.

Article 10 (Prohibited matters)

The user shall not do the following acts when using this service.

・ Acts such as drilling, processing, cutting, etc. in the provided products ・ Acts of selling or transferring the provided products to a third party
・ Acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals ・ Acts related to criminal acts ・ Acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights included in this service ・ Destroy or interfere with the functions of our server or network Acts of doing things, acts of using the information obtained by this service commercially, acts that may interfere with the operation of our service, acts of unauthorized access or attempting this, personal information about other users Acts of collecting or accumulating, etc. ・ Acts of impersonating other users ・ Acts of directly or indirectly providing benefits to antisocial forces in relation to our services ・ Others, we judge to be inappropriate Act to do

Article 11 (deregistration)

The Company shall be able to suspend the use of this service for the user or cancel the contract if the user falls under any of the following. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user based on the measures taken by the Company based on this article.

・ When the user falls under any of the following items 1) to 3) ・ When the user violates the provisions of this agreement ・ When the user makes a false declaration or notification ・ In addition, the Company When it is judged to be inappropriate as a user ・ When an act corresponding to a prohibited matter is recognized ・ It is an antisocial force, etc., or cooperates in the maintenance, operation or management of the antisocial force, etc. through funding etc. When we judge that we are engaged in some kind of interaction or involvement with antisocial forces such as being involved

Article 12 (Disclaimer)

The Company has defects (reliability, accuracy, completeness) in the products and services handled by this service, except for those specified by itself in the terms and conditions specific to each product and service (including the terms and conditions). , Effectiveness, suitability for a specific purpose, defects related to security, safety, infringement of rights, etc.) are not guaranteed, either explicitly or implicitly.
The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user or a third party due to the delay in shipping the product due to any cause. In addition, we shall notify the user in advance of any delay in shipping.
Even if the Company bears the liability for damages to the member in connection with this service, the liability for the damages will be covered by the Company within the past three months from the time of the occurrence of the reason for damages, as long as it is permitted by law. It is limited to the total amount of damages received from the member and is limited to the range of damages directly and actually incurred by the member, and is not responsible for any other damages. However, if the Company causes damage to the member due to the intentional or gross negligence of the Company, the Company will compensate the member for the damage to the extent that a considerable causal relationship with the intentional or gross negligence of the Company is recognized. The provisions of this section shall supersede the other provisions of this Agreement.

Article 13 (attribution of rights)

All rights related to this service belong to us or the person who licenses us, and the license of this service based on this agreement is the right of us or the person who licenses us to this service. It does not mean the license of. The user shall not take any action that may infringe the rights of the Company or the person who licenses the Company for any reason.

Article 14 (suspension of this service)

The Company shall be able to suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without notifying the user in advance if it is determined that there is any of the following reasons.
・ When performing maintenance, inspection or updating of the computer system related to this service ・ When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, power outage, political change, conflict or natural disaster ・ Computer or communication line, etc. If the service is stopped due to an accident, or if we determine that it is difficult to provide this service, we will not accept any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user or a third party due to the suspension or interruption of the provision of this service. We do not take any responsibility.

Article 15 (Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)

The user may not assign the status under the usage contract or the rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party or provide it as collateral without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 16 (Change of Terms of Service)

We may change this agreement at any time without prior notice when we deem it necessary. If you start using this service after changing this agreement, the user will be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement.

Article 17 (Notice or Contact)

Notifications or communications between the user and the Company shall be made by the method specified by the Company. The Company considers that the currently registered contact is valid and notifies or contacts the contact unless the user notifies the change according to the method specified separately by the user, and these are the user at the time of making a call. It is considered that you have reached.

Article 18 (Separability)

Even if any provision of this Agreement or a part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions and part of this Agreement are invalid or unenforceable. The rest of the provisions determined to remain in force shall continue to be in full force.

Article 19 (Other)

If a problem that cannot be solved by these Terms, etc. arises regarding the use of this service, the Company and the user shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.
If the user's non-payment of the product price or other violation of this agreement causes a payment collection or damage compensation obligation, and if it cannot be resolved even after the request from the Company, the claim will be made through the debt collection company designated by the Company. There may be cases. In addition, the user shall bear the full cost of proceedings and other costs incurred by the Company for their resolution.

Article 20 (Governing Law / Jurisdiction Court)

In the event of a dispute regarding this service, the court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court.

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