ACSIM-LITE2 2-axis motion simulator pre-assembled full set

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Our staff will deliver(Japan Only), install and explain the finished product simulator

Equipment selected by our company is set for those who are new to the simulator and those who are unsure of how to set it up. We will check the operation, set up the software, and prepare it for you to use.

・Can be used immediately after installation ・Staff will handle delivery, installation, and explanation (installation adjustment fee is required separately)
・We will install rFactor2 and Asset Corsa on your behalf ・We will also set additional courses and vehicles (selected by us)
*Specs can be customized according to your request.
Please contact us individually if you are interested.


ACSIM-LITE2 full set composition table

body ACSIM-LITE2 2-axis simulator for PC ACSIM-LITE2 2-Axis Simulator Gran Turismo *3
seat standard bucket seat standard bucket seat
handle controller FANATEC GT DDPRO 3 Pedal T300RS
shifter FANAEC ClubSportsShifter SQ V1.5 none
computer iiyama CPU i7 RTX3070 16GB SSD about 1TB *1 None *2
monitor 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor
3440x1440 144Hz
43 inch 4K144Hz monitor
computer desk

can be

monitor frame 1 screen with monitor frame 1 screen with monitor frame

*1 Depending on the time of order, it may be changed to an equivalent product.
*2 Windows PC is required for motion operation. (low spec possible)
*3 PlayStation and software are not included.