ACCESS DEEP ACCESS  「アクセスレーシングシミュレータの魅力を深掘り」~ モーション

ACCESS DEEP ACCESS “Deeply digging into the appeal of the access racing simulator” ~ Motion

The key point of Access's simulator is the "motion of the cylinder."

What kind of meaning and setting should be given to each movement?While no two motions are the same, we have repeatedly refined it and are constantly evolving.

Many racing simulators quantify the basic behavior of the vehicle, such as rolling, pitching, yawing, and acceleration/deceleration, and transmit the data to cylinders installed in the seat and chassis. At Access, in order to reproduce motions that are more similar to the real car, all of the development staff have experienced racing in real cars and repeatedly work to fill in the differences with the sensation of the real car, thereby increasing accuracy.

"I don't think there is a final answer because it is constantly evolving, but what we spend a lot of time setting is the slide motion when turning a corner. The advanced adjustment between understeer and oversteer. "The ultimate experience."

In 2014, we released the world's first 7- axis motion simulator, and now we also have an upgrade kit to 8- axis motion, and ACSIM MINI2, which enables 0- to 8- axis motion by combining parts and options. Never stopping evolution is the concept behind our product creation at Access.

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