About long-term rental

This is a service that allows you to rent a brand new racing simulator.

Warranty support during rental
  We guarantee the product during the rental period.
 In the unlikely event of a malfunction, please send us an image or video showing the malfunction to
and we will promptly send a replacement product to
as soon as we determine that the malfunction has occurred.

  We will also support updates free of charge.
 We may update the product to improve it.
 In such cases, we will announce the details of the improvement on our website and provide the updated parts free of charge to those who request it at

  We will also offer special pricing when new models are released.
 New models are released every few years.
 When a new model of the same series is released, we will provide parts that can be changed to the new model for a fee of only
to customers who wish to do so.
 You can check the fees on the "Rental Application Page" for each product.
Minimum contract period
The minimum contract period is 1 year (12 sessions).
 After that, the contract can be cancelled.

How to Canc el

Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the next payment date if you wish to cancel.
 At that time, we will discuss the date of product pickup.
 If you agree to the pickup date by the next settlement date, we will cancel the subscription at
 After the cancellation, we will pick up the product on the agreed date.
 If you do not agree to pick up the product, we will not be able to cancel the subscription.
You can purchase the product at any time during the contract period
 The cost of the purchase depends on the number of times the contract is made, but you can check the " Rental Application Page " for each product

Application Process

In order to make your monthly payment a few days in advance
we set the final validity period to 45 days.

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